Throughout the world there exists a tremendous amount of GOLD bearing material that is either unrecoverable or recovery is not economically feasible with traditional methods. Most of the material comes in the form of tailings (processed ore) or ultra low gold bearing rocks.

APR has developed a breakthrough technology that is able to reap huge gains from the worthless material. Traditional concentrators use gravity to separate and concentrate their gold rich feedstock, but leave behind much of the gold that is sized ~3 micron diameter and below. The HYMAX system uses a combination of gravity and electro magnetic relays to recover +96% of all metals.

The material in raw form. There are visible gold bearing sulfide

Individual separation is possible through the HYMAX system, allowing for the recovery of other high dollar metals

Final progression through to recovery of gold.
Feedstock started with 318Kg
Concentrated to 986g
Recovered an astounding 13.8g of Gold


HYMAX is easily scalable and has a small footprint. We are eager to explore and expand to become one of the larger gold producers in the world.